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Islip Art Museum Current Exhibition
R E D A C T E D: Connecting Dots Through a Shifting Field
April 14 – June 1, 2014

Reception: May 4, 2014 from 1-4pm

Curated by Janet Goleas


The Islip Art Museum is excited to announce its next exhibition, REDACTED: Connecting Dots Through a Shifting Field, an exhibition encompassing the editorial decisions that manifest in the myriad representations of literature, current events, historical documents and the aspects of contemporary life in general.


REDACTED features the artwork of Josh Blackwell, Sharon Butler, Jonathan Callan, Eric Dever, Stacy Fisher, Brian Gaman, Jim Lee, Lauren Luloff, Stefana McClure, Linda Miller, Bonnie Rychlak, Mathias Schmeid, Tim Spelios, Ryan Steadman, Ryan Wallace, Ross Watts, and Letha Wilson.

ANNUAL OPEN CALL 2014Mash Up: Collages in Mixed Media
June 29 – September 14, 2014

Reception: July 13 from 1-4pm

Curated By Stephen Lamia, Ph.D.

It has been slightly over one hundred years since Picasso and Braque experimented with the then new art form called “collage.” To mark that ground-breaking innovation, The Islip Art Museum announces its Annual Open Call for artists to contribute work displaying thiscentury-old art form. As has been previously done, we are calling upon the global community of artists to submit their work for an exhibition featuring collages in mixed media.


This exhibition promotes and encourages artists to employ both conventional and unconventional ideas about collages, especially those that incorporate two or more media into them.


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