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24 Carrot:

The Alchemy of Art & Community, 2016

Arts On Terry, 2016 Public Installation


24 Carrot: The Alchemy of Art & Community

This sculpture, for proposed commission by the Arts on Terry visual arts committee is dedicated to all of the artists and arts professionals that are responsible for the revitalization, preservation, and future of the Long Island Arts Community.

Globiosis, 2015

Sachem East Highschool, Holbrook NY

A Collaborative Community Sculpture Project with The Sachem Central School District. 


Using the power of art and unity through this permanent contemporary sculptural installation to bridge cultural differences of students including those with English as a second language through a unified art piece.


Students collaborated with each other and artist Beth Giacummo to develop a design and form that best represented their collective cultural identities by translating abstract sentiments into visual form. The design they felt that best suited individual, yet collective cultural identity, is a large inflatable DNA strand. Students whose countries of origin include:  Portugal, Turkey, Philippines, Mexico, China, Vietnam, El Salvador, Venezuela, Pakistan, India, Bengal, Haiti, Honduras, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Peru, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Columbia, China, and Vietnam have designed portions of the sculpture which represent different countries from around the world. Once completed this piece will be displayed in the lobby of Sachem High School East indefinitely.


Pod Patch, 2014

PAC MAC 2014 Public Installation


Pod Patch, timed to “sprout” (inflate) every morning at sunrise and be set to “close” (deflate) at midnight.

This piece will be visible both day and night. A series of lights will be installed inside and outside of the sculpture that will be programed to transition through a series of yellow – green – blue hued lighting, giving the piece a sense of growth and movement. Pod Patch, a 30+ft inflatable sculpture is an exaggeration in form and scale inspired by the shapes and growth of  multiple bean varieties. The variation of Pods likens the installation to the diverse cultural community of Patchogue. 


Pod Patch  is a celebration of the exponential  growth the artist has experienced while living 30+ years in Patchogue and is symbolic of  the growth of Patchogue – a result of a diverse cultural community dedicated to cultivating the arts. 

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